How to Keep New Car Smell | New Car Smell

 How to Keep New Car Smell | New Car Smell

One of the biggest thrills you’ll get from driving that brand new car is enjoying the brand new car smell (most people think so anyway). Unfortunately, keeping the “new car smell” forever is nearly impossible. That new car smell is the result of a variety of chemicals used in the making of the vehicle.

You have a combination of different materials such as leather, vinyl, carpet, rubber, etc. These combined with paint, sealants, oil, and padding result in the new car smell that people want to hold on to for as long as possible. But, the more you use the car, the sooner the smell disappears. However, there are several tips you can follow in order to prolong it.

How to Keep New Car Smell - Tip #1: Be Aware of Smells You Bring Into Your Car

When you bring new smells into your car you are taking away from the “new car smell”. For instance, do you have pets that ride in your car? (If so, here are 7 Ways to Remove Pet Odors from Your Car) Do you smoke in your car? Do you eat in your car? Do you drink coffee in your car? Well, you are human after all. Keeping your car smelling new is a lot like cleaning your house. You’ll have that fresh, clean, lemony scent for a while in your house … but then you make a pot of coffee, cook supper,  and there goes the lemony scent in your house.

How to Keep New Car Smell - Tip #2: Be Aware of Environmental Situations

Car smell - leather smoking and eatingWhen you think about leather or vinyl interior, and how they eventually begin to crack, it’s because the chemicals that made them soft originally are now gone. Consequently, the “new car smell” has gone as well. To avoid that, you need to do whatever you can to keep the vinyl, leather, and rubber in your new car from drying out.

Keeping your car out of the sun as much as possible is a good first step to help keep that new car smell. Keep a window cracked, use a sunshade, park in the shade when possible, and if you have a garage to park in, that’s a bonus. The heat takes a toll on these materials.

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