Chevy Volt Review | Chevy Volt Facts and Information

Chevy Volt Review | Chevy Volt Facts and Information

Recently, I was honored to be able to test drive the car that everyone is talking about -- and write my very own Chevy Volt Review! Not only did I test drive the car, but I really dug into the experience, because I wanted to collect all of the Chevy Volts facts and information that I thought would be really helpful for our customers making a decision...especially all of our women customers who seriously don’t have the time to sift through all of this. So, I wanted to save you some time, and I spent several days going over all of the information. Sadly, at the end of the week, I had to give the Chevy Volt back. So sad. My conclusion when it was all over? I would give up purses and shoes for a whole year to own one of these cars! And those of you who know know that is a really huge thing for me to say!

My Chevrolet Volt Review - 6 Reasons Why the Volt … Rocks!

Volt Review #1: Chevy Volt has a classy look

Starting off my Chevy Volt Review is something that we women notice right away about a car … its look. And I gotta tell you … the new Volt has a very classy one. The Chevy Volt is sleek and sophisticated -- and it doesn’t have the odd body lines that some of the other eco-friendly cars do. Derived from the simple shape of the Chevy Cruze, the Volt kicks up the attitude with bold colors and options by adding color to the interior. Stunning! At first, the interior might look like something out of a spaceship, but once you get used to the 7 inch center touch screen, and touch center counsel, you wouldn’t want it any other way, girls!

Volt Review #2: Chevy Volt is Green and Eco-friendly

You may have read this fact considering the deluge of Chevy Volt facts and information already online, but just in case, I wanted you to know that the with a fully charged battery this bad boy can go up to 40 miles solely on battery power. Whoa! And for you city drivers, that could mean three days without having to plug in again. For those with a longer of a commute, that could mean plugging in every night. Unlike some of the other hybrids, the Chevy Volt can be plugged into a regular 110 volt outlet at your house. The only draw back is that it takes up to 11 hours to fully recharge versus the four hours it takes with a 240 volt outlet. Another Chevy Volt fact is that it also holds up to 9.3 gallons of gas, and uses its gas-powered generator to re-charge the battery on those longer trips. With a full charge, and a full tank of gas, you can go around 370 miles. You could drive from Sheboygan Chevrolet to the Mall of America in Minneapolis without stopping.

Volt Review #3: Chevy Volt Fact -- It Has Space!

The Chevy Volt’s size dimensions are comparable to most mid-size cars. So, I think the Chevy Volt packs a punch with all its extra space. The hatchback adds to the Volt’s sleek look and it also adds extra head room. Another discovery during my Chevy Volt review was when I found that while the car has room for four passengers, it also leaves them in awe at the stylish ride and experience only the Volt can deliver. Beautiful!

Volt Review #4: Chevy Volt’s Drive and Ride

A little known Chevy Volt fact is that the car has the same steering set up as the Corvette (whoa!), which makes the ride just as smooth as the road. With added insulation, and quiet ride dampeners, the sound inside the Chevy Volt is your favorite music blasting through the custom energy-efficient Bose sound system. My Chevy Volt review also concluded that the drive is like no other, something you could only experience behind the wheel for yourself!
Chevy Volt Review | Chevy Volt Facts and Information

Volt Review #5: Price and Savings

The Chevy Volt has a well-equipped price of $40,000, which could prove to be a heavier price tag. With that being said, the Volt only carries five add-on options because most features including the touch screen and touch sensitive center counsel are standard. Also adding a $7,500 tax credit helps take that price down to a manageable $32,500. And our sales team here at Sheboygan Auto can help you sort out all of the details, facts, and other information.

Volt Review #6: Technology

Chevy Volt also provides its drivers with hands-free calling via Bluetooth connectivity. A Chevy Volt fact is that it has a feature that most battery-powered cars do not; roll back assist. The Chevy Volt knows when it is parked on an incline and will not roll back like most battery powered cars. Instead, the Volt applies its own brakes to help drivers while parked on a hill. Speaking of brakes, the Volt offers regenerative braking. Meaning, when you apply pressure to the brakes, the front brake energy is converted back into charge for the battery. How awesome is that? Also for those different driving styles, the Chevy Volt offers three driving configurations to best utilize the battery.

I hope you enjoyed my Chevy Volt Review. I had to do my own review in order to believe all of these amazing features for myself. So please stop in at Sheboygan Chevrolet to gather your own Chevy Volt Facts … and take a test drive. I will even share more details of my personal Volt Review! You can also reach us at: 1-800-239-6416.
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